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I want to share with you some of my favourite artists and makers that I have found and talk to you about some other things I like, or don't. If you want me to share something that you make or do drop me an email. It is good when we work together.
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This is Angela Dalinger. From a very small village in Germany. Being from a very small village in England and raised on a strict diet of The Smiths I empathise deeply with the poor isolated characters whom inhabit the pictorial world of Angela Dalinger. But do not despair! These inhabitants may not be faring so well but we are to be able to explore the bizarre, sometimes melancholic scenarios they play out. Angela’s work shines through her wonderfully displayed paintings but we also get her books and comics, peeking another layer of this incredible body. I eagerly await each new image and you can too here. Or if you happen to be in Antwerp, Belgium between the 3rd and 5th of May you can see the real things here.

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